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What will your word be for today?

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Each morning I set a few minutes aside to forget about the the demands of the day ahead and simply be in that moment. These few moments can give me energy and focus for the rest of the day.

As I sit quietly, a word will usually come to mind, which I take as a perspective, sometimes even an intention for the day. The words can be purposeful such as; focused, prioritise, boundaries, honesty, or open-minded, or more light hearted such as; curious, excited, stars, daring, journey, flow and usually they bring a smile to my face. I mostly choose just one word as I don't remember if I make up combinations. I'm curious about the relevance of the word to given situations; am I being curious? listening? bold? or even daring? I ask myself, "In what way does getting through my email or meeting new clients feel like a journey? or stars?"

I don't make myself right or wrong around my choice of word - it just simply is and raises my awareness of how I am moving through the course of the day.

What will your word be for today?

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